My Thoughts Are Who I Am

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to -- throughout the day, make my breathing 'more-than' my thoughts -- meaning that instead of simply breathing -- existing 'here' in and as the moment, I convoluted the moment into and as submission of the mind, and thus, whatever my mind thinks.... feels.... is how that moment will be expressed in separation.
I see, realize, and understand that when and as I think, that what is 'thinking' is a regurgitation and re-validation of the past, and thus, every time that I think, it is in-fact a 'fear of death' because I am re-validating who I 'once was' in thought -- bringing the past, and superimposing the past over the present moment 'here'. Thus, instead of seeing the 'physical' as what the physical moment consist of and exist as -- I am, instead, seeing the relationships within and as my mind -- as how my mind sees / judges the physical in separation.
I commit myself to stop believing and trusting in and as the nature of me as the mind thinking -- because within and as my participation within thoughts / thinking, I constantly and continuously re-validate who I once was in a previous time, and super-impose it onto the physical. So what I'm really doing is that every-time that I think, a piece / portion of the physical gets transformed into and as 'energy' for my own survival / sake. Thus, it is to commit myself back to the physical 'here' -- meaning to get out of my mind back into the physical through and as redefining all words that have become mind generated as fluttering thoughts, and thus to make each and every word that I speak stand as a practical equality and oneness with and as me as what is best for all-- meaning, basically, to make sure that each word that I 'speak' -- that I am not fucking myself within each / every word that I 'speak', but that every word that I speak is in-fact stable, and can stand as 'life' -- as what is most optimal for the context of how the word is being spoken, and that it can be duplicated by all beings within similar contexts without any consequential out-flows. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I cannot 'stop' my thoughts because -- there are so many thoughts within my mind, and thus, within this thinking process -- confirm who I am as subjective to my own mind. I see, realize, and understand that the reason for generating the 'belief' that I cannot 'stop' my thoughts is because I have positioned myself in and as my entire mind -- thus, it is to commit myself to walk one point at a time because if I am not walking one point at a time, then the point of looking at my entire mind -- as seeing the 'so many thoughts' manifesting within my mind is a point of placing myself into and as a 'future moment' -- as the point of thinking that I cannot 'stop' my thoughts. Thus, it is to have a look at this point of 'overwhelmingness' which is the excuse, and to have a look at the secret-mind back-chat that I am not sorting out / looking at within me -- because I can only ever be 'in breath' here, and that it is simply a 'characterization' playing out -- as the 'overwhelming' character trying to be stable 'here' (in separation). I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to 'trust' myself here, but instead, constantly and continuously trust my mind as my thoughts, feelings, and emotions -- because of the feeling-experience that I 'get' out of them -- which makes me feel 'alive'. I see, realize, and understand that the point of feeling 'alive' in this world / reality is in-fact a 'lie' -- as any 'feeling' cannot be 'trustworthy' in this world because if 'feelings' / 'emotions' were in-fact 'trustworthy', we would have a world that is 'best for all'. Thus, it is to commit myself to not place 'trust' in and as 'feelings' -- as feelings are only ever meant to satisfy the energetic body of an individual, and thus, this kind of satisfaction can never be cross-referenced with the physical 'here', but can only be cross-referenced within the minds of those that created beliefs about what is being / experienced within -- and is not best for all because a mind that cross-references its own self without looking at the whole picture -- is manipulating oneself, and the physical reality 'here' to conform to the mind -- and not what is best for all life.
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